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Low Cost Africa Inclusive Safaris in Kenya

Book with us today and get a unique opportunity to visit and do more activities in rural Kenya as well


Book with us today and get a unique opportunity to visit and do more activities in rural Kenya as well.

Kenya's Best Safari Deals & Local Cultural Experience


Low cost Kenya safari or not? That’s the question. To be honest, there is no easy way out you can find low cost Kenya safari offers but not impossible to get one. We will help you get this done. As local safari holiday experts Kenya, we can tell what’s exactly happening on the ground. A better way we can help you is telling us what you are exactly looking for. Help us plan your low cost Kenya safari today if this is what you need. Let it be enjoyable and one of the most fruitful safari experience without necessarily having to break the bank and spend all your savings. It’s possible in another way.

Welcome to Kenya. The land of the big five safari adventures, beautiful white sand beaches and tribal cultures in Masai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu or just anywhere around the country. For many more reasons, we continue to be one of the most visited and popular holiday destination around Africa. For any of our low cost safari Kenya and any other proposal that fits your budget, we take it a notch high by organizing special surprise experiences and indulgences. Try us today and get the best out of your hard earned savings.

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Holiday Destinations: Places to Visit & Actvities to do in Kenya


Kenya, first class holiday destination located in East Africa giving any visitor countless amazing places to visit and activities to do. With a national park just next to Nairobi, the country’s capital, wildlife freely wandering in many other parks and reserves distributed all around the country, Kenya has long been Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Kenya is best known as an excellent holiday and safari destination. Many know it, feel the magic of Kenya even without having been there. It’s the wild world of safaris never to miss.

Beyond the world-famous African safaris, Kenya is as well endowed with many other treasures worthy to mention. This include but not limited to undestroyed and unique rural villages, diverse scenery and rich cultural heritage full of unique traditions, sightseeing adventures, museums and art galleries in Nairobi. Go snorkeling in Mombasa, dive in the Indian Ocean waters or just relax on the white sand beaches under the tropical sun. Last but not least, it’s the friendly people, ample choice of accommodation facilities and just anything you think of, you have it. This makes Kenya just the perfect destination for your next travel. There is more than just safaris in Kenya.


Kenya’s National Parks and Reserves are protected areas meant for nature and wildlife conservation. From the Indian Ocean waters Marine Parks in Mombasa to the snow-capped…


There are a lot of things that keep families and visitors come back to Kenya year after year but one thing is for sure: Mombasa’s white sand beaches top the list.


This is real and especially in rural areas where people have naturally kept their old traditional music, their old clothing items, their old harvesting and farming techniques.

Safaris, Excursions & Kenya's Travel Information



Safari offers in Kenya are abundant and there is no doubt the first thing that comes into mind for many when visiting Kenya is the image of a lion on a safari. That’s fine but…


There are safari holiday destinations in Kenya that offer many experiences for you and your loved ones? Come with us and discover new experiences off the beaten track.


We are a local safari company in Kenya ready to serve you. Our safaris, excursions, rural village tours and up-to-date travel information connect you with us. We plan with you in mind.


Safari is a Swahili word for Journey. However, long before modern Africa, safaris were synonymous with hunting trips now largely a journey to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Our low cost safaris Kenya.


In Kenya but you don’t have enough time for a 7 day safari adventure but still want to live a true African wildlife experience? You just need to have a look at our excursions and Short Safaris Kenya.


What should I do before travelling internationally? For Kenya and around the world, prepare well in advance. Take all precautions as much as possible. In this case, we advise you as well.

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Affordable low cost Africa inclusive safaris in Kenya

Local Safari Company & Experts

Safari adventures by local company and experts in Kenya

After a long search, we finally booked our Kenyan vacation with this company. Not only for their prices but above all, the fact that they were local experts in the region made us believe they would show us their country better than anybody else could. That was it, everything went on perfect. In Masai Mara, game viewing was 100% as expected and a great opportunity to visit masai tribal homes and see them dance and jump to their music.
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With his knowledge, our guide left nothing unattended in every destination we visited. It was an amazing experience seeing lions chasing after their prey while other wildlife aimlessly roaming in freedom on the African Savannah. In Mombasa we had the chance to visit Tsunza village as well as Makuti Children’s Home, the place that made us cry when it was time to leave. A pleasure to talk about these children with family and friends back home. Thanks for sharing your expertise and taking care of us.
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