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Safety, Security & Health

Cada vegada que reserveu les vostres vacances de safari, feu una valuosa contribució als nens desafavorits de Kenya rural.

Kenya: East Africa’s Favourite Tourist Destination

Is Kenya Safe to Travel? Kenya is a favorite holiday destination and East Africa’s most visited country. Going by this trend, Kenya can easily be described as a safe holiday destination. However, and like the rest of the countries in the world, Kenya is not immune from security hitches. Thorough and proper security and safety measures for a successful holiday experience in Kenya must therefore be observed at all times.


The threat of terrorism is real all around the world. To be precise, some parts of Kenya especially those along the Somali border have been a victim of sporadic terrorist attacks and must be avoided. In response to this situation, the Kenyan government has put in place counter-terrorism measures to protect its people and foreigners alike.

La violència i delictes menors

Most of the large number of tourists visiting Kenya each year experience no difficulties at all. In fact, foreigners are generally not the main target, however, it is still necessary to take precaution measures as far safety and security is concerned.

Security measures while in Kenya:

  • Don’t carry around or show off expensive things such as jewellery, cameras, money etc
  • Vestir, respectivament, i evitar llocs concorreguts
  • Make a copy of your important documents e.g. passports and leave it in your hotel
  • Portar amb si algun tipus d'identificació en tot moment
  • Avoid walking alone in isolated areas in towns or on beaches, particularly after dark.
  • Estar alerta en tot moment i seguir les mesures de seguretat tal com s'aconsella
  • Act responsibly and enjoy what Kenya has to offer.

For official security advice and warnings, please check for travel advisories on your government’s websites.

Vacunes per Kenya

Evidence for yellow fever vaccination will be requested especially if you are coming from a country with risk of yellow fever. Some travellers have been turned at immigration entry points for not having sufficient proof of vaccination against yellow fever. Some of the vaccines recommended to take before going to Kenya include:

  • La febre groga
  • malària
  • tètanus
  • ràbia
  • diftèria
  • tifoide
  • hepatitis A

Important: please consult your health practitioner for more information.

Menjar i beguda

Use bottled water for drinking and avoid eating street food as this may cause health problems especially for those with sensitive stomachs. For further advice and an up-to-date information on health information, visit your health professional at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip starts.

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