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Mount Kenya National Park

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Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya straddles the equator about 193 km north-east of Nairobi. Its tallest peak stretches up to 5,199 metres making it Kenya’s tallest and Africa’s second tallest mountain after the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Its rugged glacier-clad summits and forested middle slopes transforms Mount Kenya as one of the most impressive landscapes in East Africa. The evolution and ecology of its afro-alpine flora provide an outstanding example of ecological processes. It’s a world heritage site!

Safaris and Game Viewing at Mount Kenya

Safaris and game viewing take place at mount Kenya and other activities including camping, cave exploration, and of course mountain climbing which can only be done by expert. Trekking to the lesser peak (4,985m) takes between 3 and 5 days. Attractions include pristine wilderness, glaciers and peaks of great beauty, mineral springs, geological variety, fascinating forests, and high altitude adapted plain game, rare and endangered species of animals and much more. It is an important part of Kenya drawing scores of tourists each year.

Other Activities

  • Camping
  • Cave Exploration
  • Mountain Climbing

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