Tornar Kenya

Cada vegada que reserveu les vostres vacances de safari, feu una valuosa contribució als nens desafavorits de Kenya rural.

Creiem en un viatge responsable


How Can One Give Back While Travelling in Kenya?

It’s not difficult and we will help you in this anyway. While travelling in Kenya, just volunteer somewhere and give back to the community. Whether it’s a primary school, other children’s institutions, rural health facilities, women and youth groups or just anyone who may be in need of a helping hand, there is much we can do to make a positive difference while travelling. See photos below for a general idea.

Whichever Suits And Fits You Best, Take It

While travelling, you may need a day out to connect with the locals in a rural village in Kenya. For volunteer travellers, you may need a safari adventure or a beach stay in Mombasa. You may even be looking for volunteer opportunities right now and you just don’t know where to start. Is it about collaborating and giving back while travelling? Don’t get stuck. Just let us know and we will guide and connect you accordingly for whichever that suits and fits you best.

L’art de retornar

Most of the times when we travel, we do so mainly to explore, see the world, experience new things and to enrich our lives. In so many ways, there is so much we can take back home with our hearts. But can we do more than that? Yes, we believe. We are committed to giving back and we would love to be a valuable partner for those travelling with us and to the members of our community.

Start giving back today and change for the better the way we have always travelled the world. There are many ways through which we can give back to communities, places and people, majority of whom are less fortunate than us and the places we come from. By giving back we add value to our travel experience and enriching the lives of others as well.

Al Kenya rural

Al Kenya rural

Al Kenya rural

Al Kenya rural

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  • bitllets d'avió
  • Propines i despeses personals
  • assegurança a tot risc, cancel·lació i repatriació
  • Qualsevol altra cosa no s'esmenta en el contracte de viatge


número de telèfon d'emergència 24 hores
Introducció al idioma suahili local per augmentar la vostra experiència de viatge voluntari
xerrada d'orientació ràpida a l'arribada
Trasllat des de l'aeroport a l'arribada i sortida
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